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Your Rights as a Debtor in the Bankruptcy Process

Interviewer: What are people’s rights when they file? Let’s say a creditor calls them and says, “You’ve got to pay” and they’ve filed bankruptcy. I mean, can they tell the creditor they are not responsible for the debt? What should they do? Are the debtors allowed to be called and harassed anymore?

Adam: If the debtors ask them not to call them anymore then they are prohibited from doing so by phone, but they could always keep sending letters.

Interviewer: Once you file bankruptcy and the creditor is on there, are they even allowed to send you letters or call you?

Adam: More than likely, especially if you are filing a Chapter 7, they wouldn’t have any reason to. This is because if a person is qualifying for a Chapter 7, complete bankruptcy, and the odds of them getting anything is absolutely zero and they have to be realistic. They are wasting their time at that point.

By Adam Hunt

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