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Would You Prefer a Rapid settlement Offer in Your Personal Injury Case?

Interviewer: In the cases you see, how often do they have to go to trial versus get a settlement amount?

Adept Handling of Your Personal Injury Case Will Result in a Faster Settlement Offer

Adam: It depends on what the injuries were, whether they could be directly connected, and how long they waited for treatment. If the case is fairly solid and everything was done properly from the beginning, then you could get a settlement fairly quickly, within a period of a couple months or whatever. It also depends on how long they have to treat what the type of injury was.

How Soon Should You Seek Medical Treatment if You Have Been in an Auto Accident?

Interviewer: You mentioned not getting treated soon enough. How soon do people need to get treated, and what do they do? Do they go to a doctor first or a physical therapist first?

Adam: It depends on how severe the accident was. After an auto accident, some people seek treatment in an emergency room but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they go to their personal physicians. Sometimes they go to a chiropractor because they’re noticing persistent pain in their back or neck.

You Should Seek Medical Attention as Soon as You Feel Pain

Interviewer: How soon should people do that? Even if they feel Okay, should they still go? What do they do?

Adam: I would say whenever the pain starts to manifest, they should at least go see their family physician.

Your Personal Injury Case May Be More Difficult to Resolve if You Delay Seeking Medical Attention for a Month

Interviewer: What kind of mistakes do people make? Do they start to have pain and just think, “Oh well, I’ll be fine,” and then don’t go a doctor? Do people wait months? What actually happens that causes problems?

Adam: The biggest problem is if they waited more than a month, then seeking medical treatment begins to look a little suspect. It gets a little more complicated as far as trying to connect that pain at that point in time, but it’s not impossible.

For What Types of Injuries Do Insurance Companies Typically Deny Claims?

Interviewer: What are the types of injuries that people sustain in auto accidents that result in a claim? Under what circumstances would people not have a claim versus have a claim?

Insurance Companies Usually Deny Claims for Injuries Treated by a Chiropractor; Bone Injuries Tend to Increase the Settlement Offer to the Injured Party

Adam:  The insurance company is more likely to deny claims solely based on chiropractic treatment. If there’s a soft tissue damage versus hard tissue that impacts the amount of the settlement. If there’s hard tissue damage, like bone, then the offers from the insurance companies usually significantly increase.

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