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Will Law Enforcement Monitor Your Online Communications?

Interviewer:  Does law enforcement then try and prove illegal activity by going back through the on-line records and monitoring past communications?

Adam:  I would say they probably monitor that person and see what their predisposition is towards or what their proclivity is towards those types of behaviors. They would especially look to see if they would actually induce a minor. This monitoring would only be conducted by law enforcement as opposed to the undercover groups that allege that they’re working with law enforcement.

So the law enforcement agency will have a little more knowledge, they’ll understand what they need and what they can’t do and they’ll have a profile set for what they believe to be a potential person that’s going to commit whatever is being categorized as an offense.

What Charges Might an Individual Face for Communicating Online with a Minor?

Interviewer:  If an adult is caught inappropriately speaking to a minor online only as opposed to them actually showing up at the minor’s home after the minor has invited them, if it’s a sting operation, what charges might they be facing?

The Charges Depend on the Nature of the Communication

Adam:  It depends on what actually is said or what was actually done during that conversation.  It really depends on the nature of what the conversation was, whether they sent them any kind of pornographic material.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor Is a Potential Charge

I mean theoretically they could be for sending pictures or things that they shouldn’t.  They could be.  If it was a true minor, then they could be looking at contributing to delinquency or something along those lines.  It just depends on what they did do and what was done during the conversation.

By Adam Hunt

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