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Why Should You Retain an Attorney for Your Bankruptcy Filing?

Interviewer: What are the pros and cons of filing on your own versus hiring a professional bankruptcy lawyer? Obviously some people might think that it will be less expensive and easier if I do it myself.

The Bankruptcy Process Is Fairly Complicated and Not Forgiving of Mistakes

Adam: The process is fairly complicated. It’s not one of those things that you would want to make a mistake on. An attorney obviously is more experienced handling how the court operates. Even an attorney that doesn’t necessarily practice bankruptcy at least has a concept of how the rules operate.

Some people may have difficulty completing certain parts of the paperwork on their own. Again, it isn’t necessarily a simple process.

Interviewer: One question people might have is, “We have a private bankruptcy attorney on this side and then we’ve got this office over here who’s offering a $299 bankruptcy fee.

What would be the difference between those two options?

Bankruptcy Is Not the Same for Everyone: A Private Attorney Addresses the Needs of Each Individual Client

Adam: As with all bargains, sometimes you get what you pay for and I don’t know how trustworthy some of those companies necessarily are. How thorough, if they are one of those firms that use one standard form for all their clients, which might not address all the needs of the individual.

An Attorney Will Handle All Communication with Your Creditors

Additionally, many people refer the creditors to their attorney. Also, they’re allowed to request no more communication take place by phone and that any further correspondence should be by mail. Typically, they also direct that mail or whatever additional phone calls towards the attorney that’s represented them in the bankruptcy.

Interviewer: Do you, as the attorney, contact those creditors to let them know?

Attorney Hunt Notifies All Creditors for His Clients of Their Bankruptcy Filing

Adam: Typically, I will provide them notice of the filing of the bankruptcy either by fax or sending them a copy of the paperwork showing that a bankruptcy has been filed.

Interviewer: Are your clients able to even tell the creditors, “Send them something, seasoned assist, all communications referred to my lawyer.” Is that an option for them also?

Adam: Typically they can ask them to cease all communication by phone and that stops the harassing phone calls. Most commonly, when people file bankruptcy they will refer the creditors to the attorney.

By Adam Hunt

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