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When Should You Contact an Attorney? How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case Take to Resolve?

Interviewer: At what point do people typically get you involved? Is that right off the bat or do they wait?

Many People Delay in Contacting an Attorney and It Is Important to Remember There Are Statutes of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases

Adam: It’s a mix of people that right after the accident, they’re calling and trying to make an appointment to talk, and then there are those ones that wait until the end of the statute of limitations and there’s no real offer from the insurance company, and that’s when they make a call.

There Is a Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Interviewer: How long is the statute of limitations on an accident case?

Adam: It’s going to depend on if there were any other factors such as the OVI but typically you’re looking at two years from the date of the accident for a personal injury claim.

Interviewer:  On average how long will the case take to settle versus having to go to trial?

Following Medical Treatment, Insurance Companies Typically Propose a Settlement Offer in Thirty to Ninety Days

Adam: It depends on a few factors, such as how much the damages will be and again, how long they have to be treated for and which insurance company they are dealing with. After they’re done receiving medical treatment, I would say between 30 to 90 days a potential settlement offer will be proposed by the insurance company.

If a Personal Injury Case Goes to Trial, It Could Take a Year to Resolve

Interviewer: That’s not too long. If it has to go to trial, how long will it take then, on average?

Adam: After the medical treatment is complete, you will also factor in how complicated the injuries were. It could take a year.

Having Been Injured in an Auto Accident, Attorney Adam Hunt Brings Personal Experience and Empathy to Cases for His Personal Injury Clients

Interviewer: Do you have any stories of any unusual cases that you’ve dealt with and what happened?

Adam: I’m like most other attorneys. I’ve actually been in a car accident when I was in law school. I even understand what they’ve gone through. I had a fractured arm, a fractured leg and multiple injuries. Most attorneys have never had to suffer through that.

Interviewer: What happened in your case? What was the circumstance? Can you provide some of the details if it’s not too painful to relay.

Adam: I was riding a bicycle on a nice, bright sunny day right before one of my finals, and a woman struck me from behind on a flat stretch of road for no apparent reason whatsoever. She had no explanation for the police. It was still early in the morning. She was coming back from breakfast. Like I say, I understand completely what my clients are going through. Pain goes on for a long time after just that visit to the emergency room.

Interviewer: You were still in law school. Did you hire an attorney to help you at the time?

Adam: I was working for a firm, and one of the associates at that point in time helped me with it.

Interviewer: So, you had an attorney on the case. How long did it take for your case to get resolved?

Adam: I think we settled it probably within six months. I had to have several surgeries, and by that time, we had enough to max out the driver’s policy.

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