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When Should You Contact an Attorney after Sustaining an Injury?

Interviewer:  How soon after the injury should someone contact a lawyer?

Adam Hunt: I’ve had clients trying to contact me on Christmas, as a matter of fact, because they were just in an accident.

They were unable to reach me early on in the day. I did eventually return their calls. I’ve had some of the larger firms actually go out and see them and try and sign them up on Christmas day. They actually sent attorneys out there to get their signature on a contract, which gives attorneys a bad name, I think.

Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible So He or She Can Speak with the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

I digress on that part. They should probably try and discuss what happened with an attorney as soon as possible in order to minimize anything that they might say that would jeopardize what might be a very legitimate claim. Insurance companies are notorious for taking statements out of context.

What Are You Entitled to If You Are Injured in an Auto Collision?         

Interviewer: What are people entitled to if they’ve been injured by a vehicle?

Adam Hunt: If the other driver was as fault or cited, it depends on the nature of the accident. They’re entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, even the loss of consortium. There are several types of damages that they’re entitled to under the law, even up to punitive, depending on whether there was a drunk driver that caused the accident, things like that.

If the Other Party Doesn’t Have Insurance, You May Be Insured under Your Own Un-insured or Under-Insured Coverage

Interviewer: How does one get compensated if the other person doesn’t have insurance?

Adam Hunt: If the other person doesn’t have insurance, they may have an under-insured or un-insured policy rider on their policy, depending on their insurance. If they have full coverage, they don’t necessarily have to have it, but the under-insured un-insured would work. There’s always the option of, depending on the nature or the circumstances, also going after the individual personally.

Interviewer: In the cases of a hit and run, how would that work?

Adam Hunt: If the driver was cited and then caught, the first thing would be, obviously, you can resolve it through their insurance company or going after them personally. Then there’s always, again, the option of they may have access to an un-insured under-insured policy rider or their insurance might be able to cover some of the damages.

A Hit and Run Driver Can Face Criminal Penalties in Addition to Being Liable for Damages

Interviewer: If the person gets caught that was involved in a hit and run, what sort of penalties might that person face?

Adam Hunt: They’re obviously going to face criminal penalties. That criminal penalty might also ensure that they’re collectible and not capable of just filing a bankruptcy in order to avoid any type of judgments on them.

There might be also additional punitive damages that could be awarded in a law suit for them behaving in that manner.

Interviewer: What about if it’s a situation where someone gets injured and they’re going to require long-term medical needs. Let’s say the person is not able to work anymore, how is that handled or viewed upon?

Adam Hunt: That’s one of the factors that are calculated. If it’s that severe then there might be the need for an expert to confirm that the individual will never be able to return to work or live the life that they did prior to the accident. You’re talking obviously a more severe accident. Obviously, at the legal point, they would be entitled to more compensation.

By Adam Hunt

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