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What Will Occur if You Violate the No Contact Order?

Interviewer: If you violate a no contact order what will happen typically?

Adam:What the stage of the proceedings you’re in is a determining factor. Is it post conviction, or is it in between, and what exactly happened in the contact can matter, and whether the victim actually reported it.

Interviewer: Does the court take into account the victims wishes if a no contact order was violated and they ultimately say it’s OK?

Adam:Typically what happens is the person that if the alleged victim is not bothered by the contact they just won’t report it, and it will never be mentioned.

Interviewer:Are the alleged victims advised that they have the right as a duty to report it, or at least a right to report it if the no contact order is put in place?

Adam:It does depend on how specific the judge is. If they’re going to be clear as far as no contact with the victim, and they’re going to explain what it means, which is no contact direct or indirect.

Interviewer:The victim will know what’s going on?

Adam:Yes, they’ll be able to understand what the judge ordered.

Multiple Domestic Abuse Charges

Adam:You see more first time offenders although sometimes you see second time offenders with different alleged victims.

Interviewer: Does the fact that a person had multiple alleged victims make any difference for in terms of the penalties they face? Is there any difference there?

Adam:It depends again if there was a no contact order issued. As I mentioned earlier, any second domestic abuse charge is charged at felony level.

By Adam Hunt

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