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What to look for and what to look out for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Interviewer: What are some qualities that people should look for when hiring an attorney for their personal injury case? What are some questions they should ask the lawyer and what should they look out for when speaking to the lawyer?

Does Your Attorney Specialize in Personal Injury Cases?

Adam Hunt: I guess the biggest red flag would be not contacting an attorney that would be specialized in a certain area of law that is actually not personal injury. Look out for an attorney that tries to put too much pressure on the person to sign the contract.

Individuals do have some time, provided that they use good judgment and are not speaking to the insurance company or the store. I would warn them not to hurry up and make a hasty decision and sign a contract with somebody that doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing.

Interviewer: What should they be looking for? What are some things that you’d say, “Let me check this off, let me check this off, this seems good.”

Experience Is an Important Attribute

Adam Hunt: Just making sure they have an attorney that understands how personal injury operates. Ensure they have handled other personal injury claims. Those would be the two biggest things, I think. I would make sure the attorney has actually handled some cases, and that would be the minimum standard. From there they can sort out if the attorney understands what needs to be done.

Is the attorney somebody that explains the process to them? That’s when they would want to make a decision as far as whether they want to go with that person or with someone else.

By Adam Hunt

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