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What to Avoid if You Have Been Possibly Injured as a Result of an Auto Accident

Interviewer: When people get into accidents, what have you seen is the most common things they do that can hurt their case before it even gets started?

Avoid Settling with the Insurance Company without an Attorney and DO Seek Medical Treatment

Adam: Not getting treated or trying to settle it themselves with the insurance company.

Interviewer: How can you settle it yourself without using an attorney?

Adam: It can be a difficult situation. A large number of times, the insurance company does not want an attorney involved in it. They try and make the injured party an offer, and a lot of times, they’re settling for less than what they could have had.

Insurance Companies Are Known for Settling Less on an Injured Party than They Would Have if a Personal Injury Attorney Had Been Retained

Interviewer: I’m sure that does happen. In your experience, the insurance companies are probably the most skilled companies on earth on reducing the amount they pay anyone and delaying it for years and try to pay nothing out, I would say, right?

Adam: Yes, that is exactly right, in my experience.

An Attorney Can Help You Receive the Compensation You Deserve in a Personal Injury Case

Interviewer: With an attorney’s help, wouldn’t it be true that someone would be far more likely to get compensation if they deserve it?

Adam: I would say that the numbers go up on the actual settlements or if the case was taken to a trial. The end result, the verdict, would be higher with an attorney involved, definitely.

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