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What to Avoid If You Have Been Charged with a Sexual Predator Offense

Interviewer:  If someone’s been accused of being a sexual predator, what are the steps that they should take in order to protect themselves from further incrimination leading up to the trial?  Should they distance themselves from say the victim’s family or should they stay out of public for a while?  What should they do in order to keep themselves from getting into more trouble?

Adam:  They probably wouldn’t want to necessarily contact the alleged victim.  Part of it is going to depend on, again, the nature of what the actual accusation is.  It depends on whether it was a relative, depends on whether that alleged victim has any kind of storied past where maybe they’re lying or maybe they have a proclivity towards being a little bit promiscuous.

Avoid Trying to Resolve the Issue by Contacting the Victim or the Victim’s Family

It depends on a lot things, but the number one thing would you probably don’t want to necessarily push the issue and think that you’re going to resolve it with the victim or the alleged victim, or the alleged victim’s family because it doesn’t end that way.  This is because there are a lot of emotions when it comes to allegations of any kind of sexual assault or corruption of a minor.

By Adam Hunt

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