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What to Avoid During a Case Involving a Juvenile?

Interviewer: When you’re working with a juvenile, what are some of the mistakes that you’ve seen them make that can harm their case?

It Is Important for the Juvenile to Refrain from Making Incriminating Statements before They Seen Their Attorney

Adam: The most common is probably talking before they are represented.  They’re in a fairly precarious and frightening position where they’re a little intimidated by the fact that they’re in front of a police officer. They’re being questioned and they just start breaking down confessing to everything.

The Police are Skilled Interrogators and Know How to Intimidate a Juvenile into a Confession

They are intimidated by the officers who are older, first of all.  The police officers know how to interrogate somebody and they know how to get a confession, so the biggest mistake is usually talking too much before seeking representation.

Interviewer: And police officers generally aware of the most effective intimidation factors and interrogation methods, and are pretty well versed in coercing statements from juveniles?

Adam: Yes and they sometimes just treat them as adults. They bring the full force of I’m going to treat this person as an adult even though they are not, and they get a confession.  They are experienced in interrogating adults, when you bear that down on a juvenile it gets even more extreme.

The Police May Mislead the Juvenile by Exaggerating the Potential Consequences of an Offense

Interviewer: Do police officers are they known to maybe lie or exaggerate something to intimidate a juvenile or someone?

Adam: I never accused them of lying but I definitely think they know who they are dealing with in the situation. They may over extenuate what the juvenile may be facing, and it would result in a confession.

They might even get them to even sign a confession.  I wouldn’t say they are necessarily exploiting it’s just they see the home run, and the police officer goes for it and that’s their job.  Unfortunately for the juvenile, they don’t understand or appreciate you know the situation that they are in.

By Adam Hunt

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