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What Should You Look for When Considering Retaining an Attorney?

Interviewer: So how do you reach out to parents, if they’re having a situation with their child and they’re looking for an attorney? What would you tell them that would comfort them or make it seem like you’re the right person for the job?

Adam: Whether my client is in juvenile or the family court, the relationship aspect would probably be the biggest thing.  You have to be able to communicate well with your clients and their families and they have to feel comfortable talking with you.

Additionally, most courts understand that if I have an issue that I’m pursing as an attorney, I am going to very strenuously pursue that issue.  I understand what issues should be pursued.  If they see that then the courts understand that they should consider what Attorney Adam Hunt has to say on this because he knows how to pick his battles.

Juvenile Case History 

Interviewer: Could you share with us a unique juvenile case?

Adam: The one that’s always going to come back to me is an individual juvenile that probably should have been incarcerated. I did manage to have him sentenced to probation only.  He is very intelligent, probably the greatest underachiever of his generation that was just a very smart kid with a lot of potential. He is charismatic, and adept at getting the result that he needed at that point in time, with fairly severe charges.  The case wound up making headlines shortly after achieving that result for him. Sadly, he dies in a car accident.

I felt, after the case was resolved, that he was in a place to get back on track and then he winds up passing in a car accident.

Interviewer: What was the situation before he got back on track?

Adam: He had quite a few situations prior to me being court appointed counsel for him.  And the issue was really whether he should have probably been incarcerated because of the severity of the crime and given his background at 14, he should have probably gone to jail for a while.

In truth, he probably should have gone to jail for the rest of his juvenile life, but the result was that we got him probation and he did everything that I asked him to do following the outcome.  The fact that he did comply was an accomplishment on its own. This is because he’s a kid and doesn’t necessarily like authority figures; he’s a little rebellious at that age.

But I was able to effectively communicate to get him that here is his chance, and he had no one else in his life.  He had nothing to do but go forward, and then just to see it end tragically.  When he still continued to do those things that he needed to do.  He had reformed himself at that point in time.

Is Experience an Important Quality in an Attorney?

Interviewer: What are some of the things that they should be looking for when they’re doing their research about attorneys?  And at the same time, what are some of the red flags?

Adam: One of the things that they should look for in an attorney is how much experience do they have?  How much do they operate in this court?  What are the results that the attorney has?

Juvenile Charges Are a Serious Matter and It Is Important to Find an Attorney That Can Communicate Effectively with Your Child

There is a point in time during most juvenile cases, when an attorney may have to be the bad guy, and yell at the child and they’re going to just have to understand and appreciate that if an attorney is yelling at their client, there is usually a reason.

Because if I have to tell somebody they tested positive for a drug screen, there’s a reason why I want that person to understand that I’m a little aggravated.  The child, the juvenile has to take a little responsibility and do something at some point.

Interviewer: Is that because it’s possible that parents have been too lenient with their child?

Adam: Sometimes it’s just a matter of yes, they’re just coddling.  They don’t want to believe that their child did something.  Then let me be the bad guy.  Let them hate me and the parents are still good people.  Usually if I’m talking to them, the parents are good people because they want the best for their child.  We’re in this position where it’s less than ideal. I certainly understand how difficult it is when your child is facing criminal charges.

By Adam Hunt

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