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What Should You Do after You Have Been Accused of a Sexual Offense with a Minor?

Interviewer:  If a person has just been accused of molesting a neighbor’s child, what would be the first few steps you would suggest for him to do? As soon as he heard about the accusation, what should he do first?

Contact an Attorney and Avoid Making Any Statements to the Police

Adam:  First of all I would avoid talking to any kind of law enforcement officer whatsoever.  I wouldn’t discuss it with them or with the prosecutor.  I would immediately ask to see my attorney.

Avoid Any Contact with the Alleged Victim’s Family

The second thing would be I would minimize the contact, especially if it’s a neighbor, because if there were certain things said theoretically, any statements they make to the neighbor could potentially be admissible against them in the court of law.

It is my advice to not to discuss the issue with first law enforcement or with the prosecutor, and second would be not to discuss it with the neighbor or whoever the alleged victim’s family members or whoever the other party is that is responsible for the minor or the other individual.

Is Asking for Your Attorney Perceived as an Admission of Guilt during Allegations of a Sex Offense with a Minor?

Interviewer:  In reference to immediately requesting an attorney, does that not give the appearance that the person is guilty if they automatically want to retain an attorney?

Adam:  Not necessarily because there’s been lots of times when somebody has taken those steps because they understand and appreciate the potential consequences. They know what those charges could mean, so typically, when somebody automatically requests their attorney it doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than they believe that they should be represented.

By Adam Hunt

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