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What Penalties Can Juveniles Face?

Interviewer: Just to get a little bit more clarification, what are some of the penalties that a minor can be facing?

Adam: It can range anywhere to a fine and probation all the way up to theoretically if it’s severe enough, they could be facing life in prison, at some point.  Just depending on what it is.  Just because they’re juveniles and some may say well it’s just kiddie law, it has fairly significant repercussions.

Interviewer: Are you talking about prison?  Or is it like a juvenile detention?

Adam: No, it could actually result in prison, depending on if it was a murder.  If they’re tried as an adult it could wind up as a juvenile being incarcerated for the rest of their lives.

Are There Alternatives to Incarceration for Juveniles?

Interviewer: What are some of the programs that would help students out that maybe a judge would impose?

Adam: There are various community programs out there.  One of the big ones in our area is a program that was called Team Challenge, which was a little bit Christian oriented to get the individual to believe in themselves and whatever deity they worship.  There are various programs like NEO CAP, which stands for Northeastern Ohio.  It’s a treatment program.  NEO Kennedy is one of the biggest probably out there and could be imposed if there is a dependency or drug or alcohol abuse situation.

There are numerous different programs dealing with issues like behavioral disorders or Glen Bay if it’s an alcohol abuse situation.  Even the adult programs at least have a department that assists or aid the minor juvenile in dealing with whatever issue they may have.

By Adam Hunt

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