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What Is the Impact on an Individual’s Life after a Conviction of a Sex Offense with a Minor?

Interviewer:  What are the impacts on the accused life of being labeled a sexual predator?  How does that impact their life once they’re convicted?

There Is Much Publicity for These Types of Cases, Even before the Trial

Adam:  Well obviously initially even before they’re convicted and regardless of what the outcome is there is humiliation and the publicity. Typically, those types of cases tend to draw a lot of media attention.  Subsequently, say if someone either plead or was convicted, there is a stigma obviously attached, beyond that depending on what the actual outcome is.

After a Conviction, Individuals Will Have to Register as Sex Offenders

This is because they could be forced to register as a sex offender whenever they move.  They could be prohibited from being within certain areas of a school, which would open up the potential, if they were awarded probation, it could be a violation of the terms of their probation, which would potentially carry sanctions as far as them having to go to prison.

Attorney Hunt’s Advice to mitigate some of the Potential Impacts

Interviewer:  In Ohio, is there any recourse that can be taken to lessen some of these impacts?

Adam:  There are obviously a lot of things that can be done in between the start of the accusation and the filing of any type of charges.  It depends a great deal on the accused or the defendant in the case, what they want to do.

It Is Advisable to Proactively Seek Treatment for Any Treatable Disorders

They could, theoretically, if they truly believe they’re innocent some courts will or some prosecutors, would stipulate to the outcome of a polygraph. If they do actually have a condition or some type of disorder and if they seek treatment, that can mitigate some potential problems.

It Is Advisable to Take Responsibility for One’s Actions

One of the worst things that a court probably hates to see or any type of probation officer that’s making a recommendation on sentencing is when the defendant denies all responsibility and claims the underage minor was at fault and takes no responsibility for their actions.

By Adam Hunt

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