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What Is a Theft Charge?

Interviewer: If they’re caught, is that called shoplifting, or what is that called under the law, if they’re caught doing that specifically?

Adam: That is classified as theft.

Interviewer: Oh, it’s just a theft charge? You said there are people that do that, obviously, repeatedly and they’ll get caught if they do it too often?

Adam: Yes, that happens.

Interviewer: When those people are caught, are they charged as a first time committing theft, or is it multiple because they’ll be able to track back that particular person’s activity and then charge them with multiple thefts?

Adam: It depends, because they might find somebody that does it almost in a circuit, where they start in one city and go to another, which is common. We were getting people coming, such as transients from Akron, which is near me, and they were committing theft all along the northeast of Ohio. It became obvious that it was the same people, so they probably had multiple charges.

Is There a Common Characteristic Among People Charged with Theft?

Interviewer: What’s your typical person and what do you guess is the reason that they commit these lower level thefts? What’s the archetype of your typical person that’s caught up in this?

Adam: Sometimes they’re habitual offenders, they just like to steal. Other times, they’re unemployed, or they don’t make enough money to make ends meet. Typically, the people that I see are usually younger, under 30 years old. There are more people under 30 that shoplift, or are charged with theft than there are people over the age of 30.

Interviewer: Do people tend to steal from big box stores, like Target? Or is it just randomly at any kind of store?

Adam: Any kind of store is pretty much at risk.

By Adam Hunt

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