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What Is a Probation Officer’s Job?

Interviewer: Without saying your name, can you give me a brief description of what you do and how long?

Adam: I have been a probation officer for 15 years. I supervise a defendant who has pled guilty to a felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses. It’s my job to make sure to enforce whatever order the court provides as part of their probation.

If they’re given five years of probation, then they’ll have specific conditions they have to follow and certain duties they need to do, such as pay restitution, or complete drug treatment programming. It’s my job to help the defendant get those assignments accomplished, and make sure that they’re fully completed.

Interviewer: Are you called anything on the street, like a “PO”, or any other acronyms?

Adam: PO’s probably the only one. I haven’t heard any others.

By Adam Hunt

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