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What Comprises Felony Theft?

Adam: There’ll be multiple levels of felonies. You can have second, third, fourth, fifth degree felonies. It’s going to depend on the item. If it was a vehicle, if it was an offense against an elderly or a disabled person, then it’s going to be a minimum of a felony of the fifth degree and could go higher, based on other factors also.

Interviewer: Is there a next level above $1,000 where it changes to grand theft, or some other name, or some other level of severity?

How Are Different Felonies Classified?

Adam: It could go all the way up to a felony of the second degree. A car would be a third degree felony. Part of it’s going to depend on the value of the vehicle. Automobile theft is classified as a higher-level felony.

Interviewer: You said another special classification is stealing from elderly. How about stealing from minors? Is that more severe?

Adam: There’s not going to be any classification that would constitute a special group of protected individuals. Another example would be if the items were some type of drug, such as prescriptions that were stolen. You could be looking at a felony third degree.

Interviewer: If someone falsifies a prescription, for prescription drugs, does that constitute a theft? What does a person have to do and what category does it fall into?

Adam: They could do it by deception, or they could break into and rob the pharmacy.

Interviewer: Is that a special classification, or an enhanced felony, if someone robs a pharmacy, or falsifies a prescription, or if you fill a prescription for someone and forge it, like steal a doctor’s prescription book?

Adam: You could try to do it through deception, or through force. Another example involves a police dog, or a police horse, believe it or not. That type of theft is also a mitigating factor and makes the charge a felony of the third degree.

Interviewer: Do you mean if someone steals a police horse, or a police dog?

Adam: Yes, if they take the animal. If somebody were to steal a horse, or a police dog, it adds a special class of a felony charge.

By Adam Hunt

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