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What Charges Can an Individual Face for Arranging to Meet a Minor?

Interviewer:  If that adult does show up personally to meet the minor, what charges might they face for just showing up?

Adam:  Again, it’s going to depend a lot on what was said during that, what they think that they can charge them on.  It’s really going to depend on what the conversation was online, how graphic maybe they were and what their intent was through whatever the conversation was.

For example, does it look like they were just trying to do something simple or does it look like they were alluding to something more severe?  It really depends on the nature of the conversation.

Interviewer:  In other words, just showing up wouldn’t necessarily constitute a strong degree of a crime.  It could be a lesser degree, correct?

Adam:  It could be a lesser degree, part of it is going to depend on what they actually initially would try and charge them for, what they think they can actually get out of it.  A lot of times they are going to overcharge on things.

Do Sexual Predators Fit a Certain Profile?

Interviewer:  From what you’ve seen, does a typical alleged sexual predator fit a particular profile?

Adam:  No, it runs a gambit. I’ve seen defendants from young to old, usually it tends to be a male obviously more than it does the female, but there are female offenders out there.  Male would be about the most common thread preying on theoretical underaged minor woman, but there are again those women out there that do the same thing as what a male would do.

Many People Facing Charges Claim They Had No Knowledge That They Were Communicating Online with a Minor

Interviewer:  What is the most common excuse that you’ve heard by the accused for engaging in the activity?

Adam:  Most people claim that they were simply online at the time and they didn’t really believe that the person was underage. That’s probably the most common one.

What Evidence Does Law Enforcement Look for When a Minor Alleges Sexual Assault?

Interviewer:  In a sexual assault case that involves a minor, is the alleged assailant immediately investigated based solely on the accusation of the minor or does there have to be proof before the investigation begins?  Does law enforcement just take the alleged victim’s word for what happened?

The Incident Would Initially Be Investigated by Children’s Services

Adam:  It depends, what typically happens is Children’s Services becomes involved if it’s a minor.  They conduct an investigation, make the determination whether they think that something did occur, it may have occurred, or it probably did not occur, so there are different levels of what they believe at the Children’s Services level.

Children’s Services Would Make a Recommendation to the Prosecutor’s Office Based on the Results of Their Investigation

From there it gets referred over to the prosecutor’s level and the prosecutor would look at the recommendation of what the Children’s Services believe to be the relative certainty that something occurred.

By Adam Hunt

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