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What Can You Expect From Your Defense Attorney?

Interviewer: What’s your first goal when you get involved in a case like this? Is it to try to modify the no contact order to have limited contact? What do people ask you to accomplish when they first retain you?

Adam: Obviously they’re looking for the best resolution possible and it depends again on the circumstances. Typically, it’s more common than not that after a cooling off period the victim may reconsider what they want and whether they want to actually keeping attending the court hearings.

The first hearing wouldn’t actually resolve anything probably, and maybe not even the second or third and it gets to be an inconvenience after a while for them to show up.

Can Your Attorney Have the No Contact Order Modified?

Interviewer: Is it in your power to go before the judge and try to get a no contact order either lifted or modified if it is amenable to the alleged victim?

Adam: Yes, an attorney can petition for a modification of the no contact order. It is known as modifying the terms of the sentence. The victim would typically show up, the prosecutor will say “Are you sure you want this no contact order lifted?” As long as the victim is on board, then you could get that removed at that point in time.

By Adam Hunt

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