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What Can You Do if You Are Injured in an Auto Accident and Cannot Work?

Interviewer: What happens if, in an accident, you’re injured and you’re unable to work while your claim is ongoing? What do you do?

You May Be Able to Borrow Money against Your Expected Award

Adam: There are certain things that can be done. There are credit agencies that will take a lien on the file, so a person could potentially go through one of those and borrow money. It depends on the length of time and what exactly happened to them.

Interviewer: There are companies that will, in anticipation that you may get a certain dollar amount on the case, advance you part of the money? I don’t know if you could advise that people do that, but if they need to, I imagine that might be their only option?

Adam:  It’s a matter of if that’s the only option you have, and I’m certain those companies factor that in and that’s how they make their business. I guess a better way to put it would be legal finance.

Interviewer: What about work? Do you ever see that people get laid off because they can’t work because of an accident and their job is in jeopardy?

The Government Did Enact the Family Medical Leave Act to Help Protect Your Job in the Event of a Long Recovery

Adam: It depends on how much time that they had accrued and it depends on how big their employer is. If they fall under the family medical leave act, that would protect them for a period of time.

Interviewer: As part of the case, do you analyze that and help them figure out what will happen with their job?

Adam: I might have to tell them, “Well, I can’t necessarily fire you because you’re protected under a federal statute.”

Interviewer: Are people afraid they’ll be fired because of their injuries?

Adam: Sometimes they are afraid. Sometimes they might not know what the rules are.

Auto Accidents and Commercial Drivers

Interviewer: If someone’s a commercial driver and they are involved in a serious auto accident, is the situation any different for them versus a person who is not a commercial driver?

Adam: Commercial drivers carry different coverage and basically with a commercial driver that was at fault, they’re probably going to have a large insurance policy. I’m assuming they’re actually working. Their employer would be responsible for anything that they had done, so you have another potential defendant.

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