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What Are the Different Levels of Probation in Ohio?

Interviewer: What are the different levels of probation? Is it just similar for everybody, or are there more stringent versions depending on the crime?

Monitored Time

Adam: One level is called ‘monitored time’, and on that level, someone only has to check-in a couple of times a year, and that’s for the low-level crime defendant who has their life together. They don’t have a drug problem. They have a job. They don’t really need prolonged and intensive supervision. That’s monitored time.

Regular Probation

Regular probation is what the majority of defendants will undergo. That’s again, for your low-level offenses, your theft, and your low-level drug cases. They report once a month and they’re able, if we give them a task and say, “You need to do this, ‘ABC’,” they’ll complete it without an intensive supervision.

Intensive Probation

Intensive probation is for those convicted of high-level felonies. Maybe they committed a robbery, which would be an F3 or an F2, but they don’t have a prior record. This is the first time they’ve been in trouble. They’ll get probation instead of going to jail, but they’ll be on intensive probation.

They’ll have to report every week, and they’re drug tested three times a week. The probation officer will come to their house and make sure they’re home.

By Adam Hunt

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