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What Are the Classifications for Drug Possession?

Interviewer: What are the schedules and what drugs fall into each schedule? Can you provide a brief overview?

Different Drugs are Classified Into Three Main Schedules

Adam: Schedule 1 is typically going to be hallucinogenic drugs. I know that for a fact. Schedule 2 is going to be the opiates, and again it’s going to depend on what type of opiate and what dosage you have in your possession. Then schedule 3 is going to encompass steroids and opiate derivatives. Those are the main three classes.

The Dosage and/or Quantity of Drugs Determine the Severity of Charges

Interviewer: Is 1 the most serious and 3 the least serious?

Adam: That would be a good explanation. Again, you still have to look at dosage as another determining factor because they will take into account how many milliliters, grams or other unit of measure comprise the drugs you in your possession. And they do go all the way down to schedule 4 and schedule 5.

Interviewer: What schedule is Oxycodone and similar drugs on? Are they on schedule 1 or lower?

Adam: They’re going to be classified in schedule 2. Schedule 1 is heroin.

Most Drug-Related Arrests Comprise More Than One Charge

Interviewer: When people come to you for representation, what charges are they facing? It is typically just possession, or are they facing multiple charges and what are prosecutors asking for, typically, in cases you see where you have to make a defense?

By Adam Hunt

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