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Thousands Of Repeat Drunk Drivers In Ohio Keep Driving Drunk

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A large number of individuals are getting arrested for repeat DUI in Ohio. A report showed that almost 2,000 motorists have been taken into custody for more than 9 times.

If a person is taken into custody for more than 4 times for DUI, then it becomes a felony and the judge has all the rights to suspend their driver’s license for life.

A drunken person can take the life of others in just a second, which changes the lives of people linked to the victim.

Almost 6 years ago, Henry Andelmo did what not many people can do and which requires a big heart. He forgave the person who took his son’s life. He added, “It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”

In summer of 2012, Mitchell Andelmo was enjoying time with the friends at a Cleveland street fair, when a silver Scion drove through a barricade and crashed into a crowd of people. Andelmo said that he received a call that his son got involved in an accident and asked him to reach the accident spot. The victim died 3 hours after the deadly accident.

Timothy Spock was the person who caused the accident and he was drunk. It was not the first time he caused trouble for others as he had 3 prior OVI convictions. While crying, Andelmo said, “I lost my only son. I lost ever being a grandfather. I lost ever walking him down the aisle.”

There are 1.8 million Ohioans, who are arrested for OVI at least one time. More than half drink and drive again. According to Judge Michael Cicconetti, “What goes on in their mind? How can you have more than one, or two or three or more than 10 OVIs?”

The judge added that it is not rare for repeat OVI offenders to come to the courtroom and that the people who mostly got arrested for OVI have alcohol addiction. In such cases, the first option is to get them addiction treatment as it allows drunk drivers to avoid jail time for early offenses.

It is said that now the state’s lawmakers should introduce some better solutions for this issue.

Andelmo said a drunk driver can destroy the lives of many in a second by killing someone in a DUI accident.

Timothy Spock was sentenced to serve 15 years in jail and he will be eligible for parole in 2024.

News Source: www.news5cleveland.com

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