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This Attorney’s Advice to Help Your Divorce Case

Interviewer: That brings up another question. What do people do when they’re getting divorced that hurts their ability to either get spousal support or enough custody of their kids? What do you want to warn people against doing that can hurt their case?

Adam: Well, that might be one of the times when I just instruct them on how they should talk to the other parent, and how they should behave in general. Acting as an “adult” during the divorce is very important during this stressful time; I definitely don’t want to see them getting arrested anytime during the divorce proceedings.

Interviewer: Do you have any other recommendations?

Joint Bank Accounts

Adam: Joint bank accounts can be an issue. During divorce proceedings, one spouse may try to drain the account quicker than the other one. I’d be prepared to set up a separate account for my clients to have their pay deposited.

Subsequent Relationships During a Divorce

Interviewer: When people are going through a divorce, does it matter if they get romantically involved with someone else? Is that going to hurt their ability to have a successful case, or it won’t matter?

Adam: It shouldn’t really affect them after a complaint has been filed. This is because at that point in time, either they have filed or the other party has filed, so they’re probably not going to work things out. I don’t think it matters.

Complaint for Divorce

Interviewer: I see. What’s the name of the complaint that gets filed when you want to divorce someone? What’s its legal name?

Adam: It’s literally titled a complaint for a divorce.
By Adam Hunt

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