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There Are Different Degrees of Domestic Violence Charges

Interviewer: In Ohio is this crime known as domestic violence, or is it called something else?

Adam: It’s called domestic violence in Ohio.

Interviewer: How prevalent is crimes of domestic violence in the areas that you practice?

Adam: It happens quite often, and the charge can range from also a variety of different degrees. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, and it can encompass several different degrees of felony and several different degrees of misdemeanor.

Interviewer: Do you tend to get a lot of first time incidents or domestic violence or repeat offenders? Who calls you?

Adam: Most of the clients I probably see are first time offenders. Most of the second time offenders will fall into the felony category because they’ve had a prior.

Second and Subsequent Domestic Violence Charges are Classified As Felonies

Interviewer: For second time offenders, the domestic violence charge will be a felony?

Adam: Yes. They already have one and the next charge will automatically upgrade. Of course, the outcome depends if the prosecutor will let you plead to a lesser charge, and what the sanctions or punishment would be.

By Adam Hunt

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