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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Cases

Interviewer: You mentioned earlier slip and fall cases.  Can you give us an overview of those cases?

Adam Hunt: I guess most of them occur unexpectedly. Typically, they tend to be the result of a wet floor from spills. Sometimes its ice, there’s a variety of factors that could cause a fall. In some cases it is due to broken concrete, or an employee left something that’s not maybe visible on the floor, something as simple as a bead or a marble could cause a slip and fall.

Slip and Fall Cases Occur More Commonly at the Large Retail Establishments

Interviewer: Where are the most common places that slips and falls occur?

Adam Hunt: I would say the most common place that all slip and falls occur is Walmart. The other would be any type of shopping mall. Walmart tends to be one of the more common places where people go, due to their size and prevalence in the communities. They have a ton of lawsuits every year on slip and falls. Any mall, any shopping center, any place that is open to the public. Accidents at grocery stores are common as well.

Interviewer: What is it that people are slipping on?

Adam Hunt: Anything from water to beads to ice, anything that would cause a person to trip, basically.

Slip and Falls Cases Can Be Attributed to Residences as Well

Interviewer: What if it’s on someone’s property? Would that be considered a slip and fall also or does it have to be a commercial establishment?

Adam Hunt: It could occur easily at a person’s home, on their property, or at work.  The same type of injury can occur anywhere. It’s going to fact specific from there whether they have a legitimate claim.

Even a tenant, if they have an accident may have a viable case. It depends on if they’re renting from a landlord, whether they told him to repair the property, notifying him that a floor doesn’t seem right. I’ve had people actually fall through floors. It depends on certain factors.

Some People Minimize the Discomfort They Feel from Injuries Sustained in a Fall because They Blame Themselves for the Accident

Interviewer: Do people make that same mistake where they feel that any injury from falling may not be a big deal, and they tend to ignore any discomfort they experience?

Adam Hunt: I would say they probably ignore it more than they do injuries from car accidents. Sometimes, people don’t comprehend the circumstances they’re in.

Interviewer: Why do you think they ignore injuries from a fall?

Adam Hunt: They ignore it more for the slips and falls because they might blame themselves for tripping over something. Car accidents are a little more obvious. Typically, a driver’s cited at some point in time.

They might think, “Well, I was distracted.” So put more of the blame on themselves. Usually, in a slip and fall incident, there’s no police officer coming out to write a report, essentially putting on paper who is negligent.

By Adam Hunt

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