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Sex Crimes

Interviewer: For sex crimes, what kinds of cases are involved with sex crimes that you see?

Adam: It runs a gamut from gross sexual imposition to sexual battery. I’ve never actually handled a full blown out rape myself.

Interviewer: What’s the difference between sexual battery versus rape?

Adam: Well it’s inappropriate touching, there’s no penetration. Gross sexual imposition, a good way to describe that would be outside the clothing, as opposed to inside of the clothing. Right. Even grabbing someone’s rear-end in a bar would technically qualify.

Interviewer: Really? What other sex crimes do you run into?

Adam: I’m trying to think what’s the most common.

Interviewer: Do you deal with child pornography or molestation cases?

Adam: I’ve never had one of those myself, but there out there. The most common ones are usually, like I say, some type of sexual assault, whether it’s attempted and then it usually winds up becoming a sexual battery as opposed to a rape.

Interviewer: Where do these things tend to happen? Do they happen at bars, workplace? Where do you usually see them?

Adam: A little of both. Usually it’s a friend sometimes pushes the line. Either someone they met at the bar or someone that they know from work. A decent number of things that I’ve seen as far as underage or improprieties with minors and charges against adults on that.

Interviewer: Teacher touching a student or just an adult touching a minor person inappropriately?

Adam: Or sending, I can’t think of the exact charge off the top of my head, I should’ve sat here with the criminal code in front or me. Supplying a minor with porn over the Internet. That’s one of the big ones that undercover guardian Internet groups have done quite a bit. They’ll pretend like they’re 15-year-old, and they don’t obviously push the line where they’re entrapping somebody, but somebody says something stupid and then sends over a picture of themselves naked and then all of the sudden there’s a couple of felonies.

Interviewer: How about what I’ve heard kids do, called sexting.They’ll take naked or partially naked pictures of themselves and text it to friends.

Adam: That’s nothing I’ve ever seen over here like that or even heard about, but then that would be something that wouldn’t have publicity if they’re both underage. More times when you see that it’s an adult and a child because, in Ohio, they’re going to protect the identities of the children.

By Adam Hunt

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