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Services Provided by Hunt Law LLC.

One of Ohio’s best law firms, Hunt Law LLC. has built its reputation on outstanding results for its clients. Our focus is to deliver best quality legal services at a fair cost; to develop a long-term relationship with our clients while being an instrumental part of each client’s success. We realize that our success depends on prompt and sound advice to our clients and the ability to work closely with clients to establish objectives, develop budgets, and conduct periodic reviews to measure our progress against those objectives.

We are a full service litigation law firm serving clients from our offices in Ohio. Our practice areas include DUI Defense, Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy. Hunt Law LLC. strives to be an extremely well-balanced law firm, providing a broad range of services to meet the legal needs of an even broader range of clients.

Criminal Defense & DUI Defense

If you’ve been arrested, no matter what charge, you need an advocate that will give you sobering advice and effective representation without being judgmental.

Attorney Hunt has represented those accused of drug possession and distribution, homicide, aggravated assault, trespass, burglary, DUI and many others.

Good legal representation doesn’t come cheap. He does not charge an initial consultation fee for intense analysis of your situation and he’ll give you a quote as to how much he foresees your case costing you in legal fees. Even if you only get a consultation from Attorney Hunt, he’ll keep your information confidential.


Attorney Hunt provides debt relief representation as well as representing the rights of creditors affected by a bankruptcy filing for qualified clients.

Be careful when hiring an attorney that quotes a low fee for a bankruptcy filing; chances are that you’ll get little, if any, real legal representation. A lot of these paralegal types will take your money without making sure you qualify for debt relief and then leave you hanging when your petition gets DISMISSED or worse, they’ll give you bad advice and you could end up getting arrested by the FBI. Remember, you get what you pay for, and sometimes you get more than you bargained for; but not in a good way.

To achieve desirable results, Hunt Law LLC. employs top-notch legal talent combined with hard work to ensure that our clients’ legal needs and expectations are met.

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Arrested for DUI/OVI in Ohio

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