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Probation Violation

Interviewer: Probation violations, do you see a lot of those? Do you deal with a lot of those?

Adam: Usually, the most common one I probably see, is where somebody has been put on probation for a felony drug possession, and then they subsequently test positive on a drug test or drug screening, whatever you want to call that. That’s the most common one, unable to complete whatever rehabilitation they have set forth for them. Failing to make restitution for whatever property they might have damaged or stolen.

Interviewer: So, is this intentional that a lot of people violate probation, or is it kind of they’re not doing the best they can, and they end up violating because they’re either lazy or incapable, or just a screw up?

Adam: Kind of all those rolled into one. It depends on each individual, sometimes if it’s a drug problem, maybe they’re not going to the right program. Maybe they don’t have the right structure in their family, it could be a number of things. That’s what the attorney’s job is, to make the argument for them, that that’s why they failed, and it’s not necessarily because of them.

By Adam Hunt

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