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Preparing for Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Interviewer: What should people do to prepare to file bankruptcy? What paperwork would they need to get together? Please go over anything that they would need to prepare for the bankruptcy.

You Will Need to Compile Recent Tax Returns and Your Payroll Stubs

Adam: There’s a standard worksheet that I have them fill out so they know what paperwork will be necessary. They’ll also need together three of their most recent tax returns. Also, it is good to get together their payroll stubs; typically they want two months of those.

It Is Necessary to Take a Credit Counseling Class Prior to Filing for Bankruptcy

One step that is required to a mandatory credit counseling class which comes with a certificate once attendance is completed. That’s necessary to do in order to start filing.

Do You Need to Have Copies of Past Due Bills?

Interviewer: Do they need to provide any past due bills or any statements showing that, yes, they actually are behind on making payments to certain companies?

Adam: Not necessarily, as long as they provide an address or some way to contact and provide that creditor with notice of a bankruptcy. They could put that on the worksheet as opposed to dropping off a pile of bills.

By Adam Hunt

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