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Potential Penalties for Misdemeanor and Felony Domestic Abuse Charges

Interviewer: What are some of the penalties for being convicted of a misdemeanor versus a felony domestic violence charge?

Both Levels of Charges Carry a the Possibility of a Jail Sentence

Adam: If you are convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse, you’re probably looking at a potential up to six months in jail. When you get into some of the other higher-level felonies there’s actually a mandatory twelve-month sentencing that can be imposed. The twelve-month sentence has to be imposed because it’s mandatory.

A Felony Domestic Abuse Conviction Carries a Mandatory Twelve-Month Jail Sentence

The outcome of the trail can be quite significant as far as what the conviction means, or what could happen at the end.

And any second offense for domestic abuse, as I mentioned earlier, will be treated as a felony.

The charge would automatically bump up to that level. And depending on the felony there could be a mandatory jail sentence imposed.

Will You Have to Attend Counseling if Convicted of Domestic Abuse?

Interviewer: Will anger management classes or counseling also be a requirement of any conviction?

Adam: Typically, the prosecutors like to include that specification, even when they amend to a charge other than domestic violence. They’re going to agree to a plea agreement when it’s just a disorderly conduct.

Most prosecutors are going to ask for some kind of anger management course, and that the defendant comply with any recommendations of that evaluation.

By Adam Hunt

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