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One-Foot Balance Test

Interviewer: Oh, I see. Okay, so we did that. There’s the horizontal gaze, the straight line. That leaves the one-foot balance test. What’s the deal with that one?

Adam Hunt: Basically they’re testing balance. They’ll have them stand on one foot and again count for so many. Then they’ll have them switch legs usually and do it again with the other leg.

Interviewer: Okay. They want someone to come out and stand on one foot for how long?

Adam Hunt: It’s going to vary depending on who it is and what stage that test was given. If the person has been close to passing everything or has passed everything previously but is on the fence and that’s the last test they’re administering, they may make them count a little longer just to see if the individual screws up on that one.

Interviewer: Okay. Now those are the three main tests. Am I correct?

Adam Hunt: Yes.

Other Types of Field Sobriety Tests

Interviewer: Now there’s a couple of other extraneous ones that I’ve heard of, too – one of which was the one that’s popular on TV or in movies is where you’ve got to touch the nose. I’ve even seen that one before when I was driving around late at night. I saw someone get pulled over and do that touching-the-nose test.

Adam Hunt: I don’t think I’ve ever had one where that’s been administered to be honest but basically I understand that they’re checking hand/eye coordination between your finger and the target being your nose.

By: Adam Hunt

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