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Ohio Ranked Among Lenient States When It Comes To DUI Laws

Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous as it takes the lives of almost 10,000 individuals every year and costs more than $44 billion a year.

According to the latest ranking for the states presented by WalletHub, Ohio is in the list of states with some of the most lenient DUI related laws.

WalletHub ranked the states as it looks at drunken driving penalties in the United States.

Almost 3 months ago, a stroller which was carrying a child was struck by Robert Rosson. The incident happened outside Beachwood Mall and according to reports, Rosson is still driving. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive after the accident; his license was suspended for an OVI conviction.

Sherry Wilson was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol back in January for the 6th time in a time period of less than 20 years.

Diane Rolland was taken into custody for the 4th time back in March on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The video of the cops taking him into custody was recorded on a dash cam.

In September 2016, Dawn Kvasnicka was pulled over by Streetsboro Police. They found her driving with a BAC level of more than 4 times the legal limit. It was her 2nd OVI charge.

It is not a surprise that Ohio is on the 49th position in the list of states when it comes to DUI laws.

Arizona is on the 1st position with the strictest DUI laws. The District of Columbia and South Dakota are among the states with the most lenient DUI laws like Ohio.

Annie’s law was implemented back in April, which changed the DUI penalties. Under the law, any 1st time DUI offender gets their driver’s license suspended for the time period of 6 months to 1 year. The driver can ask for permission to drive by installing a breathalyzer in their vehicle. Installation of a breathalyzer is mandatory for a 2nd OVI arrest.

News Source: www.News5CleveLand.com

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