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Ohio Has a High Incidence Rate of Prescription Drug Abuse

Interviewer: Today we’ll discuss prescription drugs and prescription drug abuse. You said that in the areas that you serve, the incident rate of prescription drug offenses is the highest in the country?

Adam: It’s the highest per capita in the United States for prescription pill addiction. Obviously, their population doesn’t compare to some of the major cities, but Trumbull County in particular, has one of the highest incident rates.

The Trumball County Area Is Economically Disadvantaged and Is in Close Proximity to Main Interstates From New York

Interviewer: Why do you think that is? Is it just because it’s an economically difficult area?

Adam: I think part of it is that the area is economically deprived, and also we’re conveniently located off of one of the major interstates from New York. Because of our proximity, a large amount of drugs gets trafficked in, most especially heroin. There are some convenient places for them to just get right off the exit, drop off their drugs, and then that person distributes from there.

Interviewer: What’s the highway is that, the I80 or a different one?

Adam: Well it changes from I80, depending on where you’re at, but I80 would be the main corridor in the Turnpike, which in Ohio is Ohio 80, and I believe it links to New York from I80. But I know the Turnpike in Pennsylvania is 76, theoretically, they could come down through that route also, but mainly it is the 80 in Ohio.

Interviewer: So those two routes are probably the big ones for drug trafficking?

Adam: Yes, that is right.

The Trumball County Area Has a High Incidence Rate of Drug Trafficking

Interviewer: I want to make sure we name drop so it gets into context. Within Trumbull County, are there areas of high concentration where prescription abuse is particularly prevalent?

Newton Falls Is Known As an Area for Drug Trafficking and Was Profiled on the News

I would say Youngstown and Warren are both fairly high. Typically, what they do is when they do the trafficking that I mentioned earlier, they were coming and stopping at Exit 5 off the Ohio Turnpike and dropping off in Newton Falls, because it was right off the exit. There are hotels in that area where they would make the pickups. Then they would take it from Newton Falls to either Warren or Youngstown, which are the two larger cities.

Interviewer: It seems that you are very well acquainted with the details about drug trafficking in this area. Were there stakeouts, was it in the news, or how did you find out that this specific area was responsible for a lot of drug trafficking?

Adam: There were a couple items that were in the news. One of them had to deal with a local gun shop, and they were going in there purchasing weapons because they were inexpensive. There were some busts of some heroin rings that were trafficking through Newton Falls.

Interviewer: Nowadays, is the area still staked out? Also, is it still a high area where a large amount of drugs come through?

Adam: I would be leery of driving through Newton Falls, especially for minorities. I dislike categorizing it that way but people have a higher incidence of being stopped or being profiled maybe indirectly. But they don’t have sufficient officers in order to deal with the entirety of the circumstances.

By Adam Hunt

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