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Misconceptions About the Domestic Violence Charge

Interviewer:What are some of the misconceptions people have when they come to you about being accused of domestic violence?

Most People Fear the Worst When Facing a Domestic Abuse Charge

Adam: I think that one of the biggest misconceptions I encounter is usually from one spouse who is also a parent. They believe that the charge is indefensible and that their life is basically over.

That doesn’t tend to be the case after the defendant has gone through the cooling off period and after I get a chance to at least speak to the alleged victim.

Interviewer:Are there any other misconceptions that people have?

Adam:The courts don’t tend to inform the defendant about what the total consequences are for actually being convicted of domestic violence.

A Conviction Results in the Loss of One of Your Constitutional Rights

That again, the consequences include: not being allowed to be a police officer, they’re not going to be allowed to be a realtor, they’re not going to be allowed in the military. They’re not going to be able to own a gun. It’s a huge impact when you give up one of your constitutional rights.

By Adam Hunt

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