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Low-Cost Divorces

Interviewer: Another question. I don’t know if this happens in Ohio, but I’ve seen places that advertise, “Divorces for $99.” That seems awfully cheap. Why are there some outfits that are offering dirt-cheap divorces, and what could be wrong with going that route, versus hiring an attorney?

Adam: They’re probably going to try and do things by the volume. That means being able to discount the legal services that low that they’re probably not going to put much time and effort or resources into whatever that’s trying to sell. They won’t have that luxury of having someone that’s going to be dedicated and working hard to accomplish the client’s goals.

Interviewer: Are they like document prep services? Is that what those would be? They don’t even provide legal advice; they just fill out paperwork for you?

Adam: I would assume that all they’re basically doing is filling out a form or a series of documents.
By Adam Hunt

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