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Is Juvenile Probation Different from Adult Probation?

Interviewer: Are there any differences between adult probation and juvenile probation?

Adam: If you’re on adult probation you’re probably looking at probation officers that are treating you as an adult, first of all. Sometimes the joke is that juvenile law is kiddie law.  And everybody that does kiddie law doesn’t understand the real law.

However, you could be assigned a probation officer that was a juvenile probation officer that isn’t necessarily as strict as an adult would be.  I think that is probably more common, which could lead to repercussions later on when the juvenile continues to exhibit these behaviors that should have been addressed and they are facing a more severe punishment for violating probation.

Juvenile Probation Can Be Imposed until the Juvenile Reaches the Age of 18

Interviewer: How long can juvenile probation take?  What’s the potential maximum time period?

Adam: Part of it depends on the crime itself; how severe it was and how young they were when the offense was committed.  It could be for many years until they’re emancipated as an adult. Typically what happens is it will last at least until they’re 18 depending on when they were convicted or they entered into a plea agreement.

If it’s a plea agreement it depends on what was negotiated in that and whether the court upholds it.  But typically it’s at least until they’re 18.  It could extend beyond that but there’s obviously the option to reduce that below, considering whatever age was, when they committed the alleged offense.

By Adam Hunt

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