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If You Successfully Complete Your Court-Ordered Program, your Record Can Be Expunged

Interviewer: So, the judge exclusively focuses on those cases, or how is it different from the regular court of common pleas system?

Adam: One thing nice about drug court is if an individual is accepted into drug court, at the end of their completion of their treatment, they’re granted an automatic expungement.

So even though they would have pled guilty and have a felony on their record, if they jump do everything properly, they obtain the automatic expungement. There’s no risk of them actually going to jail at that point in time, provided the program is completed.

There Are Times That You Want to Take Your Case to Trial

Interviewer: The program sounds like it could greatly benefit your clients. I imagine you would want to try to get your clients accepted in the program and have their case heard in drug court.

Adam: Depending on the situation, again, if there was an illegal search or illegal seizure, then the case might be worth going forward on trial. It does depend on if my client wants to fight it that long. This is because sometimes it takes a couple of hearings to get to where a prosecutor would even support the prospect of an individual, especially one who wouldn’t quality for drug court because of too many priors.

Is it Easier to Have First Time Offenders’ Cases Heard in Drug Court?

Interviewer: Is it easier to have first time offenders admitted into the program? Are they very likely to get into drug court, or is it still a tough road for them?

By Adam Hunt

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