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If You Are Considering Divorce

Interviewer: What would you recommend people do when they are considering divorce to prepare themselves? Is it better to plan everything in advance?

Adam: Typically, when I see somebody that’s emotional, I try and explain to them that this situation is on a personal level with them, and that the courts are more logical. They’re more concerned about fairness and equity, as opposed to whatever the other person might have done to them, or whatever happened in their marriage. I try to put them in that mindset.

Interviewer: For instance, if people are mad that the other spouse has been cheating on them every single day, the court’s not going to say, “Well, that means they’re a bad parent,” and award you custody, right? Is that what you mean?

Adam: Usually, I don’t think that they think they’re going to receive more remuneration, as far as spousal support or whatever assets that they have.
By Adam Hunt

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