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How Does Your Attorney Defend Drug Distribution Charges?

Interviewer: What are your strategies if the person is claiming they weren’t a dealer? Obviously, you try to get that part of the charge thrown out, right?

Adam: Having the charge thrown out is the ideal scenario. Another option is negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce the charge from a 1st degree felony to a 4th degree felony. The lesser charge would qualify them for drug court as opposed to the aggravated trafficking.  A trafficking charge would prohibit someone from entering the drug court program.

Interviewer: Do you defend more first time offenders or do you handle more drug-related repeat offender cases?

Adam: It’s probably a mix. I don’t know that I’ve actually paid attention to it. I would say you’re more likely to seeing a first time offender.

Common Misconceptions About Drug Charges

Interviewer: What are some drug law misconceptions that people who come to you have to that you have to dispel?

Adam: The most common one is that they think they’re going to go to prison. That’s the most common misconception as far as they think their life is over because they were caught with either such a large amount or because of the type of drug that they were caught with.

Interviewer: I guess the driver’s license suspension for marijuana would be a big surprise to a lot of people?

Adam: It could be, yes and actually it probably was when I was a little younger as an attorney. It is one of the penalties that caught my clients off guard.

By Adam Hunt

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