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Horizontal Gaze/Nystagmus Test

Interviewer: The other test that I hear about often is the horizontal gaze.

Adam Hunt: The horizontal gaze is a test where basically they make them follow a penlight with their eyes without turning their head.

Interviewer: With that particular test, is that administered when someone is sitting down or standing up?

Adam Hunt: They’re standing up and looking directly ahead, keeping their head still, and following the light with their eyes.

Interviewer: I see. What again are they looking for in that? That one’s always confused me when I see that on TV or when I hear about that. They’ll use like a stylus or a pen or something like that?

Adam Hunt: It’s basically a penlight. Then they’re looking for whether the head does move, how many times the eyes don’t follow smoothly, if it’s a smooth transition following the light, or if there’s erratic eye movement that does keep up with the pen. It should be almost a smooth flow as the hand moves back and forth.

By: Adam Hunt

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