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High School Bomb Threats: Hijinks or Terrorist Threats?

Interviewer: I’m going to take an extreme case, but with high school bomb threats, how are those viewed?  Are those terroristic threats or?

Adam: What happens is going to vary day-by-day depending on what’s happening in the United States.  If something like a Sandy Hook or something that happens, that’s more of a political environment.  Back in the day, I do remember the pipe bomb incidents or threats of bombing and things like that.  And, sometimes it was just kids blowing up a mailbox, and not intending to hurt somebody.

Then it changed with the Internet and You Tube, and then all of a sudden you see where a mother of three that goes down to the mailbox is dead, well then obviously it’s a bigger issue and it demands more press because it is more of a significant issue.  It’s no longer kiddie law as we say, it’s a serious issue.

Again it’s going to depend on that very issue if what they did and what happened.  Was anybody really hurt?  How old was the kid?  What exactly happened?  There are just going to be a lot of factors they’re going to have to take into account.  Again, they should always approach it from the perspective that this is serious and the juvenile should appreciate that.  Most parents or guardians should understand that if it is a severe crime, that can determine what penalty could be leveled and it could be significant.

Activating a False Fire Alarm at a School Is a Crime

Interviewer: I heard that even pulling the fire alarm at a school could be a huge issue?

Adam: Theoretically, they are committing a crime because it’s the same concept as yelling fire in a theater.  At one point in time, somebody was killed because they were trampled to death from yelling fire in an open theater.  It is serious because if you pull the fire alarm and people are not anticipating this, and it’s not some type of practice fire drill and even the teachers at that point are just trying to do their best to get everybody out.

And if something were to result, such as a loss of life or even just somebody being hurt severely it could result in substantial charges being filed.

If a Juvenile Commits a Crime, Will They Be Placed in Alternative High School?

Interviewer: If a student that’s in high school has a drug charge or an assault charge, will they automatically be placed in an alternative school?

Adam: Not necessarily, it depends on where the actual or alleged crime may have been committed.  It can depend on the school itself.  How they determine they want to handle things and what the procedures are, so it goes beyond just the courts at that point in time.

By Adam Hunt

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