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DUI Penalties

Interviewer: What are the penalties? Are there any mandatory minimum sentences or penalties that someone probably will get on a first or second offense where they say, “I give up. I’m just going to plead guilty and see what they do to me?”

Adam: With a first offense there would probably be a loss of license. However, they’re going to have to have it reinstated. But most likely they won’t have the driving privileges restored unless they have an attorney. An attorney may even be able to restore driving privileges further down the road if they have a second offense.

Most DUI offenses are measured within three years of each other in Ohio. For number three it’s technically a six-month sentence to jail. When you get up to numbers four and five, you’re facing felony charges.

Interviewer: Are there any other penalties, like ignition interlock or special license plates you have to install on your car?
By Adam Hunt

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