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Drunk Driving Suspected In Accident That Took Place On I-470

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – An investigation of the two-vehicle accident that happened on I-470 revealed that the person behind the wheel of the at-fault vehicle was driving under the influence of alcohol.

On Friday, four individuals sustained minor injuries in an accident. Police was reported about the accident around 11 a.m.

According to OSHP Lieutenant James Faunda, “The report came in as one person ejected, and the vehicle overturned, but when we arrived on scene, troopers discovered it was actually a two-vehicle crash.”

He told that two trucks were going westbound in the passing lane of I-470 at mile post one. The truck which was travelling behind the other was approaching it at a high rate of speed. The person driving the first vehicle moved to the right lane as he observed danger and the driver of the second vehicle also took his vehicle to the right lane after which it hit the first vehicle. The vehicle didn’t stop there as they struck the embankment and a nearby traffic sign as well.

The force of the collision threw the driver of the second vehicle out of the vehicle and he sustained non-life threatening injuries. Four individuals were travelling in one truck and two in the other truck. One of was impaired.

Faunda added, “The investigation is revealing that the at-fault vehicle – the driver – appears to be impaired on alcohol.”

The road was not totally blocked due to the accident, but the traffic was slow as the workers were clearing the accident spot on Friday.

News Source: www.WTOV9.com

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