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Drugged Drivers Viewed As A Bigger Threat Than Drunk Drivers

TOLEDO, OH – According to a AAA survey, people living in Ohio are more afraid of drivers behind the wheel who are driving under the influence of drugs than those driving drunk.

The survey revealed, “Three out of four motorists surveyed said the use of illegal drugs before driving was a ‘very serious threat’ to their safety compared to 66 percent who said the same thing about people driving after drinking alcohol.”

A conference was scheduled at the University of Toledo to reply to the threat in the mind of residents and to find a solution to the issue. Cops were given training opportunities to detect drugged drivers through their drug recognition expert program.

According to Regional Director, Cheryl Parker, “Most people don’t really know that they’re sharing the road with. Some people have no idea how they’re getting from point A to point B — they’re just trying to get high.”

On Tuesday, Chief toxicologist, Dr. Robert Forney, spoke to make some concepts about the use of drugs and their effect clear. He explained how the brain is affected by drugs, especially marijuana and THC. He told that THC can’t be detected in the human system in many cases even when a person is impaired. The effects of drugs are not direct and they are not shown clearly as is the case with alcohol.

It is not easy to make and implement a law to set the THC level to consider a person impaired.

Ohio is one of the states that has a zero-tolerance policy and if the cops feel that a person is driving under the influence of drugs, they can take him/her into custody after charging them with OWI.

According to law enforcement, they have been seeing a boost in drugged driving due to which the accident rate is increasing. Law enforcement want to be prepared before drugged drivers are out on the roadways.

The main signs of a drugged driver include:

  • Glazed eyes
  • Impeded speech
  • Swerving and crossing the center line
  • Slowed response time while driving

Source: www.Nbc24.com

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