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Drug Cases In Ohio

Interviewer: How about drug cases? What kind of drug cases do you run into? What kind of help to people need?

Adam: I think one that I see more often that not, which is a surprise compared to what most people would suspect is that in our area for some reason there’s been an explosion in heroin use.

Interviewer: So you don’t deal with marijuana and meth and all the other illegal drugs right?

Adam: Crack, cocaine, you see a lot of the normal ones. But the numbers have dramatically changed even over the last year, it just exploded.

Interviewer: How about abuse of prescription drugs? Do you deal with any drug cases with that in your area?

Adam: When I say we see heroin, actually, it usually starts out initially as a prescription addition problem and then develops into that, but there’s quite a few people that abused. Ohio’s done a good job at trying to crack down on doctor shopping and that. So they do try to crack that stuff. And, obviously, people do caught you know, doctor shopping for certain prescriptions.

Interviewer: So what, you’ll see people get Oxycontin, or Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and then that will open up into an addiction that turns into actual heroin? Does Ohio crack down on pill mills that doctors prescribe willy-nilly?

Adam: Yes, I see that quite a bit. And yes. They’ll cross-reference prescriptions to one individual if they’re from two different doctors and they see the same thing prescribed, they’re probably going to red flag that.

Interviewer: Are the people that you get for prescription drugs different from the people you get for illegal drugs?

Adam: I don’t necessarily thing they’re different. I mean obviously you do see somebody you wouldn’t see I guess in the illicit or illegal… more educated probably, higher standard of living, higher class, and maybe upper middle class as opposed to lower middle. So economically they’re usually a little better off.

By Adam Hunt

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