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Driver Distractions Is One of the Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents; Ohio Has Passed legislation Banning Texted While Driving

Interviewer: We’ll talk about auto accidents. In your area, how common are auto accidents, and what’s the typical scenario on why they happen?

Adam: I imagine a myriad of reasons can cause auto accidents. Most commonly, I believe, would probably be a distracted driver. Ohio has passed laws on banning texting, but that doesn’t necessarily stop anybody from doing it. Usually, like I say, you’re looking at somebody that’s distracted or just outright negligent.

Interviewer: Of the cases that you’d see when personal injury arises, is it any different from normal accidents? Is there a particular reason that people end up injured?

Adam: I don’t think there’s any particular reason other than a 3,000 pound automobile slammed into them. The damages vary based on the rate of travel, and whether the person was hit head on, or from the side, or from behind.

What Are Common Injuries Attributed to Auto Accidents?

Interviewer: Is there any commonality there? Are there certain kinds of injuries that people tend to have more than others?

Head and Neck Injuries Are Common and Usually Do Not Manifest Themselves until a Period of Time after the Accident

Adam: You probably see more neck and back injuries. Back injuries are probably the most common, and sometimes they don’t manifest themselves until a period of time after the accident.

Interviewer: If someone gets in an accident, do people have the expectation that they’ll either feel hurt right then and there or not? Do they think everything is Okay, then later they’re in pain?

Pain from Soft Tissue Injuries Develops a Week or More after the Auto Accident

Adam: You do see that quite often. There is typically not a lot of immediate pain, especially if it’s a soft tissue injury. It manifests itself a week or two down the road. That’s when the person realizes they’re injured and starts seeking treatment or thinks about possibly contacting an attorney.

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