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Domestic Violence Is Classified as Causing Harm to Any Member of Your Household

Interviewer: Is domestic violence limited to someone you have an intimate relationship with or can it encompass family members? Or is it only in certain types of relationships that domestic violence can occur?

Adam: It could be any threat or attempt to cause physical harm to any family member and any member of the household.

Interviewer: If you had a physical altercation with your roommate, would that be considered domestic violence?

Domestic Violence Doesn’t Just Occur to Members of the Opposite Sex

Adam: Typically, yes it would be considered domestic violence. The police could charge you because the roommate is a household member, meaning you’re sharing living space. Domestic violence doesn’t always just occur to members of the opposite sex.

If a man and a woman are living together and they’re just sharing a place, they’re not boyfriend girlfriend per se, they’ll consider it’s still considered domestic violence incident because the injured party is a household member.

Interviewer: Anyone you cohabitate with is considered a household member?

Adam: Yes, that is right.

By Adam Hunt

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