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Does an OVI Entail Multiple Charges?

Adam: Usually, if it’s just a true OVI alcohol is usually the facto, but they’re probably facing multiple charges if they’re arrested on something else. I would say probably 60 to 70 percent of the cases are alcohol-related. Usually, if they get an OVI on something other than alcohol, they’re probably looking at multiple charges.

Interviewer: What are some of the other charges that people can be commonly charged with in addition to OVI?

Illegal Drugs and OVIs

Adam: Possession of marijuana is a big one. Heroin is a big epidemic in our area right now. I see a lot of people with felony heroin charges on top of their OVIs.

Interviewer: If you’re stopped and you possess any illegal drug, will they automatically charge you for an OVI even if they haven’t tested you?

Adam: They won’t automatically charge you with the OVI. However, depending on the condition of the person and if the police have any kind of indication that illegal drugs were recently used or ingested, they would charge them.

Interviewer: Are the drug cases any harder to defend or are they the same as the alcohol?

Harsher Penalties

Adam: For just the OVI charge the answer would be no. But like I mentioned, you’re looking at stiffer penalties. Even with a marijuana possession, you’re looking at loss of a lot of rights.

You can no longer possess a firearm. Even if they don’t charge you with OVI, you still have a mandatory loss of license in Ohio. If the illegal drug is heroin, you are facing a felony. This sentence could entail a number of years in jail.

Ohio and Pennsylvania are not Medical Marijuana States

Interviewer: Ohio is not a medical marijuana state, is that right?

Adam: That’s correct. We are not.

Interviewer: Is Pennsylvania?

Adam: No.

Interviewer: So that doesn’t come up as a factor into cases you see?

Adam: No. The medical marijuana does not come into play at all.

Anyone Can be Charged with a DUI

Interviewer: People who are charged with DUI come from all walks of life, right? There’s no common person that is charged with this offense?

Adam: No. It goes across the spectrum of people from rich to poor, working to retired, and even underage, sometimes.
By Adam Hunt

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